Bulletproof Backpack / Laptop Backpack- Armor-Gear.com
Bulletproof Backpack
Bulletproof Backpack / Laptop Backpack- Armor-Gear.com
Bulletproof Backpack / Laptop Backpack- Armor-Gear.com
Bulletproof Backpack / Laptop Backpack- Armor-Gear.com
Bulletproof Backpack / Laptop Backpack- Armor-Gear.com
Bulletproof Backpack / Laptop Backpack- Armor-Gear.com
Armor Gear Bulletproof Backpack Insert
AG Bulletproof Backpack

AG Bulletproof Backpack

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The Armor Gear Bulletproof Backpack was made for anyone who want the convenience of a very comfortable backpack but at the same time having the peace of mind of feeling safe and secure.  Also, the backpack will match your style by giving you a professional and modern look.  The backpack has space for all your belongings, laptop, tablet, keys, wallet, cell phone, notebook, books, magazines, clothing, and everything you can imagine.  It is ideal for kids, college students, professional and travelers.  In general, this laptop backpack has everything you need to make your life easier.  Following, is a brief list of some of the benefits:

  • Protection under an unfortunate surprise mass shooting attack: has a lightweight NIJ 3A certified panel insert against most used guns in the United States.  Made with Kevlar material.
  • The Bulletproof Insert  is hidden inside a pocket with zipper. The backpack looks like a normal, regular backpack. Nobody will know that you have a bulletproof backpack. 
  • Examples of some firearm bullets that this insert can stops are:
    • 9mm, 115 Grain
    • 1400 FPS, 0.357
    • SIG, FMJFN 1430 FPS 
    • 0.44 MAG
    • SJHP, 240 g
    • 1450 FPS
    • Main Compartment: Enjoy a high capacity main compartment while keeping your belongings neat and organized. The main compartment includes the Laptop Sleeve, Three Pen Holders, Zipper Pocket, Two Slip Pocket and Cell Phone Pocket.
    • Protect your laptop: A padded laptop pocket that keeps your laptop secure. Fit a laptop up to 15.6". Lined interiors. 
    • Integrated USB Charging Port: Keep your electronic devices organize. Charge your cell phone while you are at school, office or train. A power bank is not included. 
    • Two Side Pocket with a zipper to avoid pickpocket while you are distracted enjoying your day.
    • Anti-Theft Backpack: Don't worry anymore about pickpockets while you are traveling, at the grocery store, train, or school. The backpack was designed with a hidden zipper to give you the confidence that nobody can take your wallet, credit card or cell phone when you get distracted or enjoying the view. The backpack really puts them away because they are looking to find easy victims to stole easy to reach things and go away.

    Anti-Theft Backpack

    • Two easy access pocket on straps: When we are traveling sometimes we need to have a train card, credit card or an identification on hands to show at any moment. This is the place where you can easily reach it when you need it.
    •  Open 90 or 180 Degrees Angle View: Easy to organize, pack and unpack your belonging. The backpack can be completely open such as a travel bag or just open as a regular backpack. This gives you easy access and comfort while organizing your things inside the backpack.
    •  Travel (Trolley Handle Pass-through): Don't want to carry your backpack all day while traveling? Use the special handle pass-through to carry your backpack using your bags. An easy access pocket for your passport and a special handle pass-through to carry your backpack with your bags. 


    •  Easy to Reach Passport or document pocket
    • Ergonomic Designed: Padded Shoulder Strap and a breathable seismic decompression to stabilize your back and provide all-day comfort.
    •  Water Resistant: spill and stain resistant fabric material. Just wipe it off with a cloth in case of an accident.
    • Lightweight: The backpack is design to distribute the weight evenly on your back. As a result, the backpack will feel 20% lighter than traditional backpack. It is made with lightweight, breathable material to help you feel comfortable all the time. In addition, the backpack is designed with a S-shape back to give less pressure on the spine and also it is padded to lift the weight off your shoulders. Approximate Weight: 3.2 lb (453.5 gr)

    Armor Gear Laptop Backpack Lightweight Design

    • Laptop Backpack Material: High Quality Polyester and a smooth zipper.'
    • Reflective Strap to help you be visible for the drivers at night and prevent you to have an accident.
    • Approximate Measurements: (LxWxH):11"x 16" x 5.5"
    • Volume: Approximately 30-40 L

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