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Welcome to Armor-Gear.com. We're really glad you're here, reading this blog post to know us ( Armor-Gear) better.

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Now, that you know how to contact us, here is a little bit more about us.

Who we are?

Armor Gear is a new and growing family company. We are primarily an online business. Our headquarter is located in Puerto Rico, USA.


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We are mainly dedicated to bring unique, different high quality accessories such as backpacks, watches, jewelry, handbags, wallet, and everything that compliments our outfit and make our life easier.

Why to buy from us?

We're really passionate about searching new innovative products that help people express their feelings, personality and feel confident. At the same time, we want to give them some sort of security, achievement and the happiness to show to other people that they have a unique design that reflex what they are passionate about, their lifestyle, and the message they want to show to the world.

Our Mission


To accomplish our mission, we are continuously searching innovative products all around the world.

We work directly with manufacturers and suppliers to bring our customers high quality products at really affordable prices. In addition, we have a 30 day guarantee politic to help you feel confident when buying from us. Also, we use a secure check out to protect the transaction such as Shopify processing payment and paypal.


What are we doing now?

We really want to surprise you. Also, we want you to look amazing and impress everyone, everywhere you go: graduation, party, coffee shop or to your work.

We are constantly adding new products on our online store Armor-Gear.com to help you get ideas , and help you find the best accessories to match your style.

Remember, to always keep an eye on our store to discover new fashion designed accessories each day to inspire you.



Contact us now using our contact page, or email us at support@armor-gear.com

Happy shopping!

The Armor-Gear.com Team
From Puerto Rico,USA to the World