About Us

Who We Are?  

Armor Gear is a store dedicated to providing high quality self-defense products accompanied by the best technology and modern attractive designs.  Our purpose is to educate and bring options to our customers to fight back criminality.

To achieve our goal, we have partnered with overseas manufacturers to provide you the best quality self-defense products at affordable prices.

Our History

Armor Gear is a company created as a result of the concern of two parents about the high levels of crime that decided to take action against the problem.

As all parents can understand, children bring us great happiness, but at the same time great concerns and responsibility. The crime scene on television today make us think about the world that we are giving to our children.

Can we give them a better world?

This space has been created for all citizens who believe that we can achieve a better nation.  Also, to all people who knows that with a little effort we can achieve a community that we can enjoy to the fullest. We think that the solution is in us.

We do not have to continue suffering the consequences of the mental instability of a few, we can be prepared and face them. Only by facing them, we will frustrate their plans and they will see that there is no gain in crime. In this way we can reduce their criminal activities and create the society that we all want.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring solutions to the problems of crime and shootings in public places. For this reason, we begin with the creation of this page that provides a series of high quality self-defense items that will provide you with an advantage over the aggressor.

You will notice that there are no firearms among our products. Armor gear is a brand that does not believe in the use of firearms, for that reason you will never see one among our inventory. We understand that the use of violence will only attract more violence on the part of the criminals.

Our Strategy

To achieve our goals we need smarter solutions, that is why we bring products that use the latest in self-defense technology. Our inventory contains a variety of items designed to protect you and paralyze the aggressor without providing physical harm. Like you, we want a better society and we will achieve it. By sponsoring us and buying our products you helps us to make a social change. Our brand will continue designing and looking for new products to offer the best quality at the best price.